[Press Release] Kornerstone named full APN Training Partner by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the first in Hong Kong

Kornerstone named full APN Training Partner by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the first in Hong Kong

With Amazon setting up its Asia’s largest data centre in Hong Kong, the demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) trained IT professionals will far exceed its availability in the market. A few thousands AWS Trained IT professionals will be required, and Kornerstone is able to fill this gap with their training offerings.

HONG KONG – Jan 7, 2019. Kornerstone has been appointed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to become a full APN Training Partner (ATP), the first institute given such status in Hong Kong. Along with the current array of training offerings in project management; cyber security, Cisco; Microsoft and Google Cloud, Kornerstone is well positioned to potentially become the strongest provider of IT training not only in Hong Kong, but also in the Asia Pacific Region.

According to a recent Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) report. AWS is the most popular public cloud infrastructure platform, comprising 41.5%. As the current industry leader in the cloud services, AWS will continue to dominate the cloud industry market with its strategic association with partners like Kornerstone. Moreover, Amazon is building its largest Asian data centre in Hong Kong, a clear manifesto of its commitment in the Asia cloud services market.

“For Kornerstone, the ATP status not only signifies an accomplishment in AWS; it also demonstrates the confidence AWS has in Kornerstone – by counting on Kornerstone to deliver a part of their services that is strategically important to their success.” said Catherine Chan, Managing Director of Kornerstone.

“We witness at Kornerstone how our AWS training is giving both enterprises and professionals the big step up in their development and prospects, and this empowerment is the most important core value of Kornerstone.” added Catherine.

Kornerstone also runs the official AWS lab and examination centre, allowing participants attending the training to have a full fledged experience through the training.

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