KORNERSTONE’s customized training program (Tell us what you need in your organization)

customized training program
– addressing specific needs of a company
– Innovative, creative, high-quality
– maximizing the potentail of human capital
There is a growing body of evidence that human capital determines organizational success and the market nowadays recognizes the enormous power gained by investing in intangible resources. However, recruiting and retaining the best employees by creating a supportive learning environment in which knowledge can be created and shared, is not an easy task. KORNERSTONE’s customized training programs have the solution for you. We build talents and winning teams for your organization, through our innovative, high-quality training programs. We provide tailor-made solutions addressing the specific needs of a company which focus on maximizing the potential of human capital.

Leadership Series

SAMPLE: Supercharged Coaching – Leading Cross-generation Staff
  • Introduce supervisors, team leaders, and managers to the fundamentals of coaching skills
  • Delegating and directing, with an emphasis on driving effective critical conversations with staff in different generations
  • Solve common staff issues through effective coaching techniques and models
Training Highlights
  • Common staff problems – what are their potential causes
  • “Telling” (directing) used to work…why has it lost its appeal, particularly with Gen Y?
  • What is performance coaching?
  • Good vs bad coaching
  • Attributes of a successful coach
  • Coaching vs mentoring vs training
  • When to coach, when to delegate, when to direct
  • When coaching should not be used
  • 8 high impact coaching tools
  • Role plays and case studies focused on coaching for 10 types of “critical conversations”
Functional Series

SAMPLE: Effective Project Management
  • Manage cross department projects with effective ways
  • Handle projects with up-to-date process groups and tools worldwide
  • Close projects meeting business requirements and ethics
Training Highlights
  • Develop project management plan
  • Expectation Management
  • Project time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement management
  • Schedule and cost control, perform quality assurance
  • Acquire and develop project team & Manage project team
Performance Series

SAMPLE: 360 degree communications with MBTI
  • Be able to build trust and relationship with teams, customers and suppliers effectively with MBTI methodology and model
  • Motivate yourself to start networking and make networking a priority for your career development
  • Appreciate differences in individual and team values and be able to identify innovative ways for alignment and adding value
Training Highlights
  • Observing and utilizing verbal and non-verbal cues and language for relationship enhancement
  • Making your win-win-win business strategy
  • Creating an innovative mindset for business development and strategy implementation through 360 degree communications
Team Series

SAMPLE: Team Building Event: Sky’s the Limit – Create Team Power with Project Runway
  • Mindset of ‘Sky’s the Limit’
  • Increase collaboration by leveraging on each other’s strength
  • Celebrate success and sustain positive moral for the next year’s challenge
  • Self-reflect and learn with Joy and Fun
Training Highlights
  • Inspiring talk and project briefing by Lead Facilitator as well as facilitated games and reflections
  • Plan and attend to all details from planning their style and masterpiece on the Runway
  • Model selected by the team will be dressed in their masterpiece with professional makeup and hair styling
  • Challenge the participants’ ability to plan, innovation, and efficiency, challenge their limits and collaborate together
  • Facilitated debriefing and sharing
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