NLP Trainer’s Training, Evaluation & Certification



Trainer’s training is about learning how to master the art and science of training excellence. The philosophy of running this Trainer’s Training Program is to make you a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) not because of a certificate that qualifies you, but because you are holding such high level of excellence to make you become a self-made Certified Trainer. It is a process of empowerment to transform a good NLP trainer to become an excellent one. If you want to be able to own the room to achieve great results in sales, negotiation, training or any other group environment, this training will inspire and engage you, encourage and challenge you, support and evolve you!

This NLP Trainer’s Training is delivered and facilitated by ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Dr. Harry Wong (better known as Dr. Happy by his graduates and clients), is among a very small elite group of Master Trainers being trained and certified personally by Drs. Tad and Adriana James, and most proudly, is their 1st in Asia. Upon successful graduation, you will become a Certified Trainer of NLP who is fully capable in designing, organizing, facilitating, delivering literally any training in business and sales, coaching, education and personal development using specific areas of NLP.

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About the Certification

Key benefits from attending TTNLP:

  • Learn to be 100% comfortable & confident as a presenter

    This training gives the knowledge and tools you need to be a polished presenter. In many studies, one of the most common fears is the fear of doing presentations and public speeches, believe it or not, in the US, it is even worse than dying!! Our training is thus decided to gently guide you to create the level of confidence and capability in doing presentation through a supportive, ecological and enjoyable process, and eventually, you will know how to turn that fear and anxiety into excitement, energy, comfort and confidence that contribute to your success personally and professionally!

  • Be a powerful and masterful Certified Trainer of NLP

    As a matter of fact, brilliant Certified Trainers of NLP were mostly created, not born. In this NLP Trainer’s Training, you will learn exactly what there are to create a powerful presenter and masterful trainer that help transforming your audience’s thoughts and behaviors for success and happiness both professionally and personally. In addition, the process aims for you to present different NLP concepts and tools and to integrate what you already know about NLP so that you can learn to make on-the-spot decisions, ability to act instantly to choose the next best strategy for success as a seasoned presenter and an excellent trainer.

  • Create your own business and expand your career options as a Certified Trainer of NLP

    Once you get certified, it is not the end but a new beginning to open up your business, career, professional and personal options, you may:

    1. Become an Approved Institute and teach ABNLP approved NLP trainings at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels
    2. Have the permission to use Drs. Tad and Adriana James training materials (including training manuals, PowerPoint slides, logistics manuals) in your own self-made Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings
    3. Access to DVD and Audio CD collections of complete trainings to assist you in reviewing and preparing for your own trainings
    4. Eligible to apply for other highly regarded accreditations and program authorizations to empower you with more offerings to your students
    5. Receive ongoing support via email or phone to encourage your continuous growth
    6. Advance your professional development to become a member of an extremely small elite NLP group as a Certified Master Trainer of NLP


  • Previous training in Practitioner Level NLP with ABNLP or equivalent is required
  • Certification as an NLP practitioner and Master practitioner is strongly recommended
  • A resourceful desire to participate fully in a fun, fast-paced and international learning experience
  • A strong commitment to do well in all aspects of our NLP Trainer’s Training with satisfactory results
  • Previous presenting and training experiences to groups is not required but will be highly beneficial
  • Working knowledge of hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® techniques as taught by certified trainers by Dr. Tad James (Audio programs are available for preparation)
  • All candidates will be screened and/or interviewed by Dr. Harry Wong prior to admission

Training Outline

Here are just some of the platform and process skills that you will learn:

  • Know how people learn most effectively both consciously and unconsciously
  • Work with sponsors and ask the right questions to identify training needs
  • Design, sequence and document effective training solutions to suit different learners’ needs
  • Work with different group dynamics (e.g. size, gender, age, cultural differences)
  • Deal with challenges and finding solutions when working with difficult groups or audiences
  • Find, utilize and control energy in the room Identify unconscious leaders, establish and gain group rapport
  • Develop and sustain your training state
  • Create long lasting stage anchors
  • Develop contents using a flawless format for effective presentations and trainings every time
  • Maximize NLP language patterns in making presentations and trainings
  • Develop and utilize multiple embedded metaphors
  • Utilize your physiology and non-verbal communication at best to empower your teaching
  • Learn important tips and strategies to do demonstrations as an integral part of your teaching
  • Pre-teach future subjects so learners can absorb and remember more effectively and long-lastingly
  • Work with your vocal flexibility for persuasion and high impact Let go of frights, nervousness and anxiety on stage and in training when facing challenging situations, objections from individuals and groups
  • Give and receive high impact feedback
  • Design the most appropriate training environment
  • Know the logistics needed to organize effective training events
  • Develop business plans, mission statement, sales and marketing, advertising for your training business
  • Build a successful training business via positioning and leveraging Trade secrets for proposing, selling and preparing for your very next NLP training solutions for business and non-profit organizations and certification programs for business and personal contexts immediately after your grad
  • and many more…

Training Highlights

  • Be Model and learn from the best – Dr. Harry Wong

    “Our NLP Master Trainer Certificate is not offered lightly…Harry’s success is not because he is a Master Trainer but he has experienced a great personal growth in the process of becoming one!” addressed Dr. Adriana James, for Harry’s graduation from the 5-year Master Trainer Development Program in NLP. Harry has been in the training profession for more than a decade both as an in-house training expert and externally as a training architect and director. He is stage trained by nationally well-known stage performers and trainers Jim Chim (詹瑞文) and Olivia Yan (甄詠蓓) as well as world-class French professor and master of theatre, Phillippe Gualier. Harry has a genuine International exposure by studying and working overseas for over 13 years, learning with him does not only bring you a local favor but more importantly, sufficient international exposure to broaden your worldview and to empower you with what it takes to be a trainer who is capable to present and train people with different cultural background with poise and full confidence. Last but not least, ABNLP approved Master Trainers, among all Harry is available locally now, personally trained and certified by Drs. Tad and Adriana James have the highest and most vigorous standards of ANY certifying body around the world.a powerful and masterful Certified Trainer of NLP

  • ABNLP Certified, authentically and internationally recognized

    ABNLP is one of largest NLP training organizations in the world, which has been training, approving and certifying NLP.

    1. ABNLP trainer certification has absolute international transferability
    2. Get a professional and well-recognized trainer designation that increases your positioning and leveraging in the training field of leadership and empowerment
    3. Get a great head start in a hugely viable and lucrative field that is recession resistant!
    4. Master your platform skills so you are 100% comfortable and confident in standing up and speaking in front of literally any group
  • Optimal duration of training

    At this level of NLP, you need a thorough training that enables you to integrate skills and gains confidence that last. That means the training needs to give you sufficient time and room to prepare and make presentations and receive immediate and quality feedback. You will also need time to experience and model great trainer in action, as well as time to master the concepts and skills covered in the training. Proven success of “Bullet-Proof Training Process” developed and run by Drs. Tad and Adriana since 1985 tells that any NLP Trainer’s Training Program falling short in duration is ineffective. Harry designs his NLP Trainer’s Training by modeling the excellence of “Bullet-Proof Training Process”, based upon which he has come up with the optimal duration of training of 165 hours to make an excellent NLP trainer.

  • Who Should Attend
    • Anyone who desires to present or train in any topic with high impact using NLP
    • Managers, sales managers, leaders and those who need to work with groups and in teams
    • NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners that want to train and board certify others in NLP
    • Anyone who strongly desires for expanding career options or transiting into the fields of helping and training profession (e.g. mental health wellness, leadership, empowerment, coaching, etc.)
    • Anyone who seeks to empower own self and others in our ever-changing and competitive environment


How to Be Evaluated and Be Certified

  • A vigorous 4-day evaluation process with a highly structured format approved by ABNLP to formally endorse your level of expertise
  • A written test to attest your technical competence on NLP knowledge
  • An assessment to ensure that you are able to apply different NLP skills and methodologies to design, organize, deliver and facilitate different NLP training segments and carry out NLP demonstrations
  • Upon successful completion of the process, you will receive certification as a Certified Trainer of NLP signed duly by Dr. Harry Wong, the ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP with no expiration date on it and no contract to sign
  • You are also eligible to apply for membership with ABNLP as a Certified Trainer of NLP


Dr. Harry Wong, FCPA

  • Asia 1st ABNLP Certified Master Trainer of NLP*
  • China 1st Certified NLP Coach Trainer at Master Level by ABNLP Coaching Division
  • Certified NLP Master Coach by ABNLP
  • Authorized by Time Line Therapy Association to offer Time Line Therapy certification training both at practitioner and master practitioner levels
  • Doctor of Applied Psychology
  • Accredited business and relationship mediator
  • Chartered Professional Accountant, CA (Canada)
  • Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Professional experience in business and training consultancy since 1991
  • Extensive training and coaching experience for managers and directors of multinational companies
  • Trained over 31,000 professionals, managers and executives in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, etc.
  • Specialized in couple therapies and personal empowerment
  • Co-author of popular NLP book series:《我要好好戀愛》,《我要好好相愛》and《生命的蛻變因NLP而起》, magazines and blog columnist

What Our Clients Say

“I enrolled in Harry’s NLP certification training via recommendation from a respected friend, who is a senior HR professional. Other than clear illustration of concepts and demonstration of practical skills, Harry offers top quality study materials including his own researches and his personal collection of useful resources, eg, books, articles, video, tools…etc. I also admire the effort he spent to promote professional ethics, as with great power it comes with great responsibilities. We also have lots of fun in and outside classes. In short, if this is an investment the ROI is exceptional!”

Leona Wan


“No pain no gain. It was the most intensive course I have ever attended and required a great degree of commitment. However, there was also a lot of learning, like training and presentation skills, which I can apply to my current job.”

Stephen Lok

Avnet Electronics Marketing